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Straight Laces are no-tie shoelaces that allow shoes to be laced with the clean ‘“tucked-in” lacing styles commonly seen in advertisements or on display.

We were tired of stuffing our laces into our shoes, as they never felt comfortable. Sometimes we could not quite get our shoes off, and often we could not keep our shoes on when needed. Hence, we set out to create a shoelace that could achieve straight bar laced and other ‘tucked-in’ lacing styles, with actual functionality and legit comfort. 

After some trial and error, we came up with a simple but effective fastening system. Our patented Fastening Bracket allows our shoelaces to be a one-size-fits-all product that everyone can use in all styles of shoes. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or a senior, an athlete or a jet setter – we welcome you all to be a part of Straight Laces’ family. 

Let’s join hands together to say goodbye to messy knots, dirty and untied laces because our Straight Laces are not only an added convenience but also the start of a new era.


Our mission is to make everyone’s life a little better by making all styles of lace-up shoes accessible to everyone. Straight Laces carries the potential to be so much more than a simple style accessory, and we are here to make that happen.

Typically, individuals faced with certain physical limitations are restricted in their footwear options. However, we see an invaluable opportunity to offer Straight Laces as a tool of accessibility because it eliminates the need to tie shoes. Thus, taking our “laces for everyone’ vision to the next level.

Our #1 priority is and will always be the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. We are here not to just market and sell a product but to make a difference in everyone’s life by offering a solution through our products.

It is, unfortunately, true that shoelaces have not changed over the years, but once you try Straight Laces, you will know precisely why we say “reinvented shoelaces.

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