Shoelace Patterns- Different Ways to Style your Shoes

The regular shoe lacing pattern is so common that the laces no longer seem to add to the shoes' beauty. However, trying out some unique lacing patterns will undoubtedly break the monotony. Not only that, but these cool shoelace patterns will also transform you into a fashionista and make you stand out from the crowd.

Unique lace styles have flooded the market. There are numerous shoelace options for every footwear, outfit, personality, and purpose. The variations in lace colors are remarkable. You can even choose among round shoelaces and flat shoelaces. Although these shoelaces are unique on their own, a different lacing pattern will redefine everything. Below you will find the step by step guide to some of the cool lacing patterns.

Different Ways to Lace Shoes

Different Ways to Style your Shoes

Different from the common lacing styles, there are some cool lacing patterns available to enhance your outfit. Some lacing styles encourage the girly factor, while others enhance masculinity. All in all, these lacing styles are creative, innovative, and add a fun element to your wardrobe.

According to your footwear, outfit, venue, and personality, you can choose any of the following lacing patterns:

Star Lacing

Ladder Lacing

Corset Lacing

Apart from these, some minor variations in lacing, like Lightening Lacing, Bow Lacing, Diamond Lacing, David's Star Lacing, and Single-Bow Lacing, are also in trend.

Shoelace Patterns Step by Step

These creative shoe lacing patterns amplify the look of any footwear and distinguish you from the crowd. Though the lacing techniques may seem a bit complicated, you can master the styles and use them flawlessly with some practice.

Make sure to choose a type according to the outing context and outfit. Keep the context in mind, or else it will look out of place. But don't be hesitant to play with your creativity and bring out the best version of your creative fashion sense. All you need to do is follow the shoelace patterns step by step and become an expert.

Star Lacing

The star lacing pattern is complementary to bring out the star in your personality. Learn the star shoelace pattern step by step.

Step 1: Thread the laces down through the third eyelet, keeping the lengths of both the ends equal.

Step 2: Pull the shoelace ends through the fourth eyelet.

Step 3: From below the first straight line, thread each lace end through the second eyelet.

Step 4: Pull the ends out through the first eyelet.

Step 5: Pass below both the ends through every crossing, thread them down through the fifth eyelet, and pull out through the sixth one.

Step 6: Tie a beautiful knot.

Ladder Lacing

Ladder lacing is a creative lacing technique. It goes well with all casual footwear and outfits.

Step 1: Insert the laces through eyelet one and thread down through the second eyelet. Pull the lace ends out.

Step 2: Pass each end through the newly made loops.

Step 3: Thread down through the third eyelet.

Step 4: Repeat the steps until you reach the last eyelet.

Step 5: Tie a knot.

Corset Lacing

Step 1: Thread the laces out through the last eyelet.

Step 2: Cross the sides and thread down each end through the fifth eyelets.

Step 3: Pull them out through eyelet 4.

Step 4: Thread down each end through eyelet 3, making two large loops.

Step 5: Cross the sides, and thread out the ends through the second eyelet.

Step 6: Cross the sides, thread down the ends through the first eyelet and tie a reef knot.

Step 7: Tie a knot using the large loops.

Shoelace Patterns for Long Laces

Long shoelaces not only look bad but can cause you to trip. You can use star lacing patterns with long shoelaces. However, you must make a small knot and tuck it inside the shoe-tongue.

If the lacing pattern involves double knots and several crisscrosses, long shoelaces will remain concealed and won't overhang.

Shoelace Patterns Vans Shoes

Shoelace patterns for vans are not anything entirely different. You can use the conventional lace patterns or follow the new ones, like the zipper, cross, and bar lacing styles.

Vans Authentic

The short laces work miraculously for these shoes. Go for flat shoelaces and use a crisscross lacing pattern.

Vans Era

These shoes allow for some more creativity in lacing. However, the crisscross lacing works pretty well.

Old Skool

Crisscross pattern and bar lacing styles look best with these shoes.


Bar lacing pattern with flat shoelaces is the best for these shoes.

The world of shoelaces is incredible. Generally ignored, the shoelaces hold power to boost your personality, add some fun elements, and compliment your dressing styles. You can revamp the boring sneakers using these creative lacing styles. Also, the vibrant colored and complementary colored laces will attract every passing eye to your feet.

Keep trying these new lace patterns, experiment as much as possible, and let the world see your creative side.