Shoes Creasing- Causes and How to fix it

The decency and sleekness offered by the leather shoes are irresistible, making the footwear the most preferred choice for all occasions. Although leather is highly durable and lasting, the leather footwear tend to degrade a bit with time. The most common problem with footwear is creasing. Over time and daily usage, the shoe surface wrinkles and give an untidy appearance. If you want to know all about shoe creasing, then follow along with the article to find more.

Are Creases in Shoes Bad?

Creases are an innate behavior of leather and aren't bad. It's alright to observe leather shoes creasing after some time. So, do not panic if you are encountering creasing in any of your favorite pair of shoes. All you need is to know about the causes of shoe creasing. Also, if you are aware of the ways of dealing with creasing problems, you're good to go!

What Causes Shoes Creasing?

Flexibility and comfort are the essential ingredients to the recipe of good shoes. The shoe manufacturers design the footwear to imitate the bending and straightening of your foot for the highest flexibility. Just as shoes bend, the elastic material contracts as well. When the footwear gets back to its shape, the stretchable material holds back the bent formation and gets creased.

How to Get Creases Out of Shoes?

Firstly, know that shoe creasing does not mean that it's time to give up on that footwear. Gather some patience and get your shoes shining again by adhering to the following steps.

Step 1: Get an iron, some newspaper, cardboard pieces, and a towel or washcloth.

Step 2: Wrap the shoes with newspaper, and insert the cardboard pieces into the footwear as tightly as possible. It will retain the shape of your shoes.

Step 3: Damp the towel or washcloth, and place it over the creased portion of the shoes.

Step 4: Heat the iron between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep ironing the creased surface from above the wet towel in spurts. Between each iron pass, check that the leather is not getting damaged at all.

Step 5:  After ironing enough, leave the shoes for resting. Do not remove the newspaper and cardboard as they will retain the shape of the shoes during the drying and cooling.

How to Keep Shoes from Creasing When Walking?

Most creasing happens when you are walking. You can keep away creases from your footwear if you follow the measures listed below.

1. Prevent your shoes from excess moisture. You can even use a waterproofing spray on the surface of the shoes. If you are wearing the footwear during a downpour or snowfall, you can stuff the footwear with a newspaper to absorb excess moisture.

2. Get the perfect size for your shoes that allows enough room for your foot.

3. Observe the way you walk. If you are bending the frontal part and the heels during walking, try to land with a flat foot.

4. From time to time, keep treating the shoes with high-quality shoe creams, colorant, and conditioners.

How to Get Rid of Creases in Shoes Without Iron?

If you do not want to use an iron on your footwear, you can try out the following methods as well.

1. You can use a blow dryer or a heat gun to remove creases from your shoes. Insert a cedar shoe tree, and heat the creased surface until it becomes hot to touch. When you reach the desired warmness, keep the dryer down, and rub to remove creases from your shoes.

2. Removing creases becomes simple with conditioners and oils. Insert a cedar shoe tree or cardboard pieces to provide some rigidity to the shoes. First, treat the footwear with conditioner. Then massage oil on the wrinkled surface until the creases vanish.

Creases in Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are prone to creasing. Though creasing is a property of leather, excessive creasing indicates poor-quality leather. Some amount of creasing is observable in high-quality leathers, but loose grain implies a cheap leather surface.

How to Get Creases Out of Leather Shoes?

Leather shoes and creasing are inseparable partners. But you can prevent leather shoes from creasing in the following ways:

1. Use a cedar shoe tree when you are not wearing your leather shoes.

2. Use a shoehorn for putting them on. Although you can wear the leather shoes without the assistance of shoehorns, using them prevents stretching, bending, and creasing.

How to Get Creases Out of Canvas Shoes?

Caring for your canvas shoes keeps the creases away. The more you care for them, the lesser creasing they get.

1. Treat the shoes with enriching creams and conditioners from time to time.

2. Remove dirt and mud from the shoes using a brush.

3. Use a cedar shoe tree for retaining the shape of your canvas shoes.

If you follow the above tips, you will succeed in keeping the creases away from your shoes to a large extent. However, some creasing is pretty observable. Attend those creases immediately, and treat the footwear with enriching chemicals to prevent further creasing.