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Reinvented Laces

Straight Laces is a lacing system that makes your shoes look sleek by eliminating messy bows.

This turns your lace-up shoes into slip-ons!

Straight Laces accomplishes this by using a flexible shoelace
along with specially engineered hardware designed

to stay hidden and prevent any discomfort when you're wearing your shoes.

Save Time

Inserting Straight Laces into your shoes is simple and intuitive. And once they’re in, your shoes will virtually never need to be tied again. 

Look Neater

Bunny-eared bows are bad. They’re sloppy, inefficient, and a tripping hazard. Straight Laces keeps everything secure while providing a neat, tucked-away look.

No Obstructions

Competing systems have visible obstructions on the outside of the shoe. Straight Laces maintains the sleek look of a shoe. No one will know you’re using Straight Laces.

The perfect stretch in Straight Laces creates the right amount of tension that allows your shoe to expand, but also keep a secure fit around your foot. Straight Laces eliminates the need to retie shoelaces.

By redesigning the shoelace, Straight Laces is changing the look and function of lace-up shoes!

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