1. What are Straight Laces?

Straight Laces are shoelaces that turn virtually any pair of lace-up shoes into slip-ons, while giving you a fashionable look by eliminating the need to ever tie your shoes again with messy bows and knots.

2. What is the size and dimension of Straight Laces?

Straight Laces are made of latex fibers wrapped in a polyester thread.

Size and Dimensions of Flat Laces:

Length 52 inches (132 cm)
Width 0.28 inches (7 mm)

Size and Dimensions of Round Laces:

Length 40 inches (101 cm)
Diameter 0.11 inches (2.8 mm)

3. How many laces and accessories are in one package?

One pair is included per package; two shoelaces and two fastening brackets are in each package.

4. How do I install Straight Laces?

Straight Laces are designed to be conveniently installed under 5 minutes.

Go through our detailed yet simple Installation Guide to know about all the little details and some trending lacing styles as well.

5. Can I adjust the laces after I have installed them?

Yes, you can adjust the tightness of the shoelaces by moving the fastening bracket and adjusting the laces.

Please note: we recommend leaving 2 inches of excess shoelace for the first 4 - 8 hours of wear time. This will give you enough time to adjust the fit if the shoe is too tight or too loose. Once the proper fit is determined, cut the shoe lace down to an inch and you should be good to go.

6. How are the laces kept locked in place?

Straight Laces use a patented (pending) lacing system which utilizes a fastening bracket on one end and a T-bar on the other end. Our locking mechanism was designed to be secure, but also be the most discreet and stylish while not compromising on comfortability. 

7. Will the Fastening Bracket or T-Bar scratch my skin?

We have not had any customers experience this problem that we know of. That being said, it is possible that this could happen on rare occasions when not wearing socks with your shoes. 

8. Are Straight Laces washable?

The shoe laces are washable and the colors will not fade from washing. Straight Laces can be dried in a dryer too.

1. Can Straight Laces be used for toddler shoes? What about adult and senior’s footwear?

One size fits all, from toddlers, to adults, to seniors and anyone in between, Straight Laces is designed to fit all sizes and the tightness is completely customizable to each individual's preference.

For many people our product is a cool accessory that adds a bit of convenience to their life. But for individuals who struggle with fine motor skills, Straight Laces opens up a whole world of footwear to them. Normally, individuals faced with certain physical limitations are restricted in their footwear options: typically, slip-ons, loafers, and Velcro shoes. With Straight Laces, people with special needs can independently wear virtually any shoe they want, at any time.

2. What kind of activities and sports can I be a part of while using Straight Laces?

We have received positive feedback from thousands of our customers, who have been using Straight Laces for athletic, casual, and formal wear. The styles, colors, and customizable fit give you style, comfort and convenience in any situation. 

Our customers are using Straight Laces in an incredible variety of ways, some of which are: running, working out, Cross Fit, golfing, basketball, tennis, hiking, cycling, cycling for commuters, traveling, skateboarding, stage performance, acting & dancing, waiters, and movers (no tripping hazard).

Our laces have also been able to help people with mobility issues whether a permanent physical ailment, temporary injury, or just normal aches & pains. 

3. Will my shoes be compatible with Straight Laces?

Based on the testimonials from our satisfied customers, these are some of shoe Brands (but not limited to) that they found Straight Laces to be a perfect match with compatible footwear; Yeezy, Chuck Taylor, Adidas, Nike, Vans, Pumas, Cole Haan, Toms, Saucony, Allen Edmunds, Florsheim, High Tops, Taos, Keen, SALOMON, Rockport, Clarks, Johnston and Murphy, Echo, Stacey Adams.

For the rest, there is only one way to find out… 😊

1. How can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email confirming the order status which will contain the tracking information of your order.

Shipping with in the continental United States generally arrives within 3 – 7 days.

International shipping generally arrives in 14 – 30 days.

2. Do you offer worldwide shipping?

International shipping is available to most countries worldwide. International shipping costs are $10 for orders of $50 or more and FREE for orders of $75 or more. 

Note: We continue to process orders throughout the COVID-19 situation.

Please click here to get more detailed shipping information.

3. How can I connect with the team of Straight Laces?

To contact our support team, please email us at support@straightlaces.com or click here.