How it works?

Inserting Straight Laces into your shoes is simple and intuitive.
Once they are in, your shoes will virtually never need to be tied again.

Installation Tutorial

Finding your unique Straight Laces fit is simple! Watch our quick Installation Guides to get started.

Cris Cross Lacing Style
Straight Bar Lacing Style

NOTE: The Lacing Styles shown in the above videos are versatile and compatible across all types of Straight Laces.

Watch the video below for an even more detailed Straight Laces installation tutorial:

Basic Guide

Bunny-eared bows have vanished. They are sloppy and a tripping hazard.
Straight Laces is a lacing system that keeps everything securely in place while providing a neat, tucked-away look.

  1. Straight Laces Shoelace - used to provide the "perfect" stretch and create the right amount of tension that allows your shoe to expand, while keeping a secure fit around your foot.
  2. T-Bar - used to secure the lace to your shoe.
  3. Fastening Bracket - used to hold the tension of the lace and keep the proper fit.

Style Guide

Fashion is all about refined design, not seasonal trends. As you experiment with Straight Laces and create your custom fit, here is a Style Guide of a few primary lacing style variations, plus some creative styles by our customers that they are loving.


If you have any confusions, please go through our Frequently Asked Questions section or feel free to reach out to us by clicking here.