Straight Laces is a lacing system that gives your shoes a very sleek look by eliminating messy bows, but also effectively turns your lace-up shoes into slip-ons. Straight Laces accomplishes this by using a flexible shoelace along with specially engineered hardware designed to stay hidden and prevent any discomfort when you're wearing your shoes. Straight Laces supports a variety of applications, from formal and everyday casual to athletic wear, and promotes accessibility for anyone with limited mobility.

Sleek & Comfortable

Bunny-eared bows have vanished. They’re sloppy. They’re inefficient. And they’re a tripping hazard. Straight Laces keeps everything securely in place while providing a neat, tucked-away look. Other competing systems have visible obstructions on the outside of the shoe. Straight Laces maintains the natural, sleek look of a shoe. No one will know you’re using Straight Laces unless you tell them. (We won’t tell anyone if you won’t.)

Turn your Lace-Ups into Slip-Ons

Gone are the days wasted from sitting down to tie, untie, and retie your shoelaces. From now on, you can slip your foot in and you’re out the door in seconds. Straight Laces eliminates the need to retie shoelaces. Inserting Straight Laces into your shoes is simple and intuitive. And once they’re in, your shoes will virtually never need to be tied again. 

Superior Design

Unlike other systems that have multiple pieces or bulky hardware that make shoes uncomfortable to wear, Straight Laces is made of only two small parts:

1. Straight Laces Shoelace – has a T-Bar on one end that's used to secure the lace to your shoe.

2. The Fastening Bracket – used to hold the tension of the lace and keep the proper fit.  

This allows Straight Laces to provide a comfortable fit and easy installation.  

The "perfect" stretch in Straight Laces creates the right amount of tension that allows your shoe to expand, but also keep a secure fit around your foot.