Bye Bye Bunny Ears!

Straight Laces is a lacing system that makes your shoes look sleek by eliminating messy bows.
This effectively turns your lace-up shoes into slip-ons.

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Straight Laces accomplishes this by using a flexible shoelace along with specially engineered hardware designed
to stay
hidden and prevent any discomfort when you're wearing your shoes.

Gone are the days wasted from sitting down to tie, untie, and retie your shoelaces. From now on,
you can slip your foot in and you’re out the door in seconds. Inserting Straight Laces into your shoes
is simple and intuitive. And once they’re in, your shoes will virtually never need to be tied again.

Straight Laces is changing the look of lace-up shoes.
Now that you've seen how easy it is, why not buy a pair of Straight Laces?