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What style of lacing should I use?

You can use any style of lacing that you think looks best or feels the most comfortable. See our opinion below on lacing styles. Keep in mind, each lacing style has a different installation process so be sure to check out our " How to Install " page.

Here's our opinion on lacing styles:

First a quick lesson on the anatomy and the difference between Oxfords (closed) and Derbys (open) laced shoes.

The two parts of a shoe that we are concerned with here are the vamp and the quarters. 

Closed laced shoes is where the Vamp is stitched over the Quarter. Oxfords are closed laced shoes and are considered the most formal style of shoe.

Open laced shoes are where the Quarter is stitched over the Vamp. Derbys are open laced shoes and are considered more casual than oxfords.

When wearing Oxfords (closed laced shoes) Straight Bar Lacing is considered the most formal lacing method, however any lacing method can look great depending on your preference and your shoes.

For Derbys (open laced shoes), Straight bar lacing can work well depending on how far apart the quarters are from each other. We prefer a crisscross or over-under lacing method when the quarters are further apart. (See the light brown shoe in the middle of the picture.)

Note on the Over-Under (X) Lacing Method: When electing to use the over under lacing method, this method works best when there are an odd number of sets of eyelets. (See the dark brown oxford shoe at the top left of the picture.)

Easy Installation

How do I convert my regular lace-up shoes to slip-ons with Straight Laces?

Click here to learn more.


What materials are Straight Laces shoelaces made with?

T-Bar: Constructed with sturdy, stainless iron.

Laces: Durable Latex fibers provide the perfect stretch, and are flawlessly wrapped in a weave of polyester thread.

Fastening Bracket: Precisely engineered and designed with high-quality plastic.

What kinds of shoes can I use Straight Laces in?

Straight Laces come in dressy Round Lace and casual Flat Lace styles in a variety of classic colors. Straight Laces supports a variety of applications, from more formal oxford and derby style dress shoes to everyday lace-up shoes and athletic sneakers. Whatever your style may be, simply install them once and enjoy the convenience of virtually never tying your favorite shoes again.

What kind of support does Straight Laces provide vs. traditional laces?

With Straight Laces, you’ll never have to worry about laces coming undone or shoes sliding off. Straight Laces Round and Flat shoelaces are made of only two small parts - a flexible lace made from durable latex fibers along with discreet hardware specially designed for optimal comfort. Our laces offer a snug, supportive fit that moves and adjusts with any activity you’re doing.


How long does it take to ship my order?

Shipping within the continental United States generally arrives within 3 – 7 days.

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How can I track my order?

Once your order is placed you will be emailed your shipment tracking information.

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Is shipping free in the US?

US shipping cost is free on orders of 3 or more.

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What are your delivery times?

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What is your return policy?

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Additional Questions

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