What's in the Lace Case

You pack a lot into your days, so we've put together a pack to suit your every need. Say hello to the Lace Case, a special limited-time collection of nine of our revolutionary Straight Laces.

The Lace Case includes our five best-selling Straight Laces, plus four new flat laces that come in the colors our valued customers have requested most. If you can put it on over your socks, we have a matching Straight Lace in this box. The Lace Case is your first step for every direction.

Smoke – Medium Grey Flat Laces

Oak – Medium Brown Flat Laces

Deep Sea – Dark Navy Blue Flat Laces


British Tan – Tan Flat Laces

Midnight – Black Flat Laces

Sugar – White Flat Laces

Onyx – Black Round Laces

Timber – Light Brown Round Laces

Chocolate – Medium Brown Round Laces