No longer sacrifice style for convenience

Get the Sleek 'tucked-in'style of lace-ups with Straight Laces

Shoes commonly seen on display or in advertisements are laced with a sleek ‘tucked- in’ style that is not actually usable. The Straight Laces lacing system allows you to achieve this ‘tucked-in’ style with both comfort and function.

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Straight Laces

Shoelaces for modern day life

Perfect for people & families on the go, from parents to teens to little ones

Whether its at the airport, the gym, commuting to work or just getting out of the house, tying, untying and retying shoelaces is slowing you down. Keep moving with Straight Laces.

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hands-free laces

With Straight Laces your laces never touch the ground. Besides keeping my laces looking fresh, why is this important?

Good question! It’s important because just about every floor surface-at airports, shopping centers, gyms, and other places-is coated in bacteria like E. coli, Staph, and other pathogens and simply tying your shoelaces can transfer those harmful pathogens picked up by long or dragging laces to your hands, face and elsewhere. With Straight Laces you are more hygienic and safer.

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