The Style of Lace-Ups with the Ease of Slip-Ons




Comfortable Fit

Our elastic laces have the perfect stretch so its easy on, easy off every time.

Adjustable Tightness

Patent pending lacing system uses a fastening bracket and T-bar so you can adjust the tightness and get that perfect fit.

One Size Fits All

Works great for kids, adults, seniors, and everyone in-between. Ideal for runners, walkers, athletes, anyone on the move and any person dealing with mobility issues.

no tie shoe laces

Designed for style and convenience

The Perfect No-Tie Shoelaces

Shoes commonly seen on display or in advertisements are laced with a sleek ‘tucked- in’ style that is not actually usable. The Straight Laces lacing system allows you to achieve this ‘tucked-in’ style with both comfort and function.

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