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Straight Bar

Straight Bar lacing guide

Start from the bottom of the shoe tongue (near the toe). Then, pull the plastic tip up through the eyelet from inside the shoe while securing the T-bar under it
Next, put the plastic tip in the adjacent eyelet and pull it out from the eyelet below it
Repeat the Straight threading pattern until you put the plastic tip in the last eyelet
Insert foot and check for desired tension while pulling out the slack away from the T-bar (one row at a time). Move the foot up the shoe until reaching the plastic tip
Now, install the Fastening Bracket by weaving the lace through it. Then secure the bracket directly against the inside of the shoe
Lastly, adjust the tightness as needed until you find your perfect fit before trimming off excess lace (leave 1” for good measures)

Pro Moves

✂️ Leave an extra inch of lace while trimming:
Wear your shoes for a few hours or days, and then cut the excess lace to secure the perfect custom fit for your shoes.

🔥 Burn the end tip of the lace, under the fastening bracket:
This will prevent the laces from fraying and make them more suitable for washing.

How To use No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces

Getting To Know Straight Laces

Each tube contains a pair of No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces with T-Bars and two Fastening Brackets:

1 – No-Tie Elastic Shoelace: provides the perfect stretch while keeping a secure fit around your foot.

2 – Fastening Bracket: holds the lace’s tension and maintains the custom fit.

3 – T-Bar: sleekly secures one end of our no-tie lace to your shoe.

4 – Plastic Tip: allows the other end of the lace to be easily woven through the Fastening Bracket.

How To Use Elastic No-tie Shoelaces | Straightlaces

Why Do I Need Straight Laces?

Gives shoes the ‘TUCKED-IN’ style of lace-ups with the ease of slip-ons

Easy Installation

Adjustable Tightness

One Size Fits All

Style with Comfort

Flexible Fit


Washable & Reusable

Happiness Guaranteed

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