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Bar Lacing – The Solution to Wide Feet Shoe Problems

People with wide feet suffer from shoe problems almost always. Their foot structure becomes different and causes immense trouble while wearing footwear. Many wide-footed people get fed up with their everyday discomfort and begin thinking of giving up on wearing shoes. Now, everyone knows it’s impossible to stop wearing footwear. So, is there any midway settlement? Is there any solution to wide feet shoe problems?

Yes, bar lacing is the ultimate solution to such problematic scenarios. Let’s put an end to your concerns, know something more about wide-feet issues, and learn bar lacing style.


Wide feet might be an innate partner or acquired through life. Whatever may be the reason behind causing foot widening, the aftermath is highly uncomfortable and inconvenient. Before going onto the remedial section, let’s highlight the reasons leading to the foot-widening. Following are the most probable reasons.

  • Genetics

If you bear wide feet since your birth, then it’s likely that someone in your family suffers from the problem too. Genetics causes an improper structure to pass on from one generation to the other.

  • Improper Footwear and Deformities

Lack of fitting footwear invites a host of health problems, crossover toes, calluses, and hammertoes, to name a few. Furthermore, these problems bring in the much-avoided problem of wide feet.

  • Pregnancy and Aging

Both pregnancy and aging propel the loosening of the ligaments in your foot. Wide feet become a common issue once the ligaments give off their tightness. Also, fluid accumulation and swelling are very likely during old age and pregnancy, leading to temporary foot-widening.

All these factors sum up to cause foot-widening among many people. However, don’t get disheartened by the shape of your body. At times, a proper lacing style eradicates the uncomfortable foot issues. Bar lacing is one of such magical lacing techniques that equip you to combat wide-foot difficulties effortlessly.


Bar lacing is a simple style, and anyone can master the art. There is no specificity of bar lacing to prefer a particular type of footwear. The versatile lacing style works well with almost all footwear. However, for the bar lacing to look as expected, you need to cater to several factors.

Firstly, bar lacing goes pretty well with the round laces. Since the lacing style is all about a straight appearance, the round laces look better than any other shoelace type. Although round laces are preferable, you can bar lace all types of shoelaces. Moreover, sturdy shoelaces retain the straightness of bar lacing. So, bring in round and tensile shoelaces for bar lacing purposes.

As the number of straight lace structures increases, the bar lacing appears better. So, the shoes with a larger number of eyelets support bar lacing more than less-eyelet shoes. It does not mean that you cannot bar lace other shoes at all. Bar lacing supports every footwear and all types of laces. It’s just that the style looks appealing with some specific set of features.


Bar Lacing requires the least practice for mastering the style. Apart from being a creative style, bar lacing tackles wide-foot issues even. So, follow the below steps for bar lacing your shoes and getting rid of wide-foot problems.

  1. The counting will begin from the eyelets towards your toes. At this point, the laces should lie on the outside. Now, insert both the ends of your lace through the first eyelets.
  2. Equate the lengths of both the ends of your shoelace. Adjust, if required.
  3. Pull out the right end of your lace through the second eyelet on the same side.
  4. Crossover to the opposite side and insert the end through the second eyelet, creating the first bar.
  5. Now, take the left lace-end, and pull out through the third eyelet on the same side.
  6. As the right lace-end, bring the left lace-end to the right side and pull out through the third eyelet.
  7. Take the left lace-end and pull out through the next free eyelet on the same side.
  8. Repeat step 6, and continue lacing till the last eyelets.
  9. Finish off your bar lacing with a neat bow.

Woohoo! You just put a full stop to your age-old wide feet shoe problems. Continue bar lacing your shoes and providing enough space for your foot inside the shoes. It won’t take much time for you to grasp over bar lacing. Once you master the style, you will not get second thoughts on your physical structure and giving up on wearing shoes.

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