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On Running Best Replacement Shoelaces

When it comes to performance and style, every detail counts — especially your choice of shoelaces. The team at Straight Laces has witnessed the shortcomings of popular footwear: frayed laces, uncomfortable fit, and marathons lost. But you’ve got problems, and we’ve got Straight Laces!

ON Running Shoes

Made for runners, they are designed to last years of marathons with their cloud-like cushioning and lightweight performance. Still, ironically, their laces will snap midway through your first race, and you’ll be stuck looking for a replacement. 

We checked everywhere: ON’s site, Reddit, and even went to the second page of Google. Make it easy on yourself, and grab some StraightLaces. They snap on fast, fit securely, and last a long time. Plus, we’ve got a ton of colors, so it’s not just a replacement, it’s an upgrade!

Adidas Gazelle

The Adidas Gazelle shines with its vibrant colors, yet its laces often merge into the background rather than standing out. Imagine pairing black with white or red with black laces for a bold statement. 

on running shoe laces - blog

Straight Laces offers a rainbow of options to turn your Gazelles into a standout accessory. With our laces, you not only add a splash of style but also enjoy a comfortable, secure fit that’s ready for any occasion. 

Prada Diapason

For those who appreciate the intersection of luxury and bold design, the Prada Diapason is a fashion statement. However, the high cost might make you think twice if the shoe’s color doesn’t match your outfit. Enter Straight Laces—your style savior offering a spectrum of colors to not only elevate the shoe’s look but also provide a snug fit. 

on running shoe laces - blog

By choosing Straight Laces, you ensure both style and comfort go hand-in-hand, saving you the expense of investing in another high-priced pair just for color compatibility.

New Balance 1906

The New Balance 1906 is not just a shoe; it’s a journey back in time with a mesh and synthetic upper, cushioned sole, and a wardrobe of colorways. But why stop at retro when you can go custom? 

Enter Straight Laces, turning your 1906 into a sleek, tailored-fit masterpiece. It’s like giving your favorite vintage runner a modern twist, ensuring they’re not just comfortable and stable but also a perfect match for any adventure. Ready, set, Straight Lace– your 1906d just got an upgrade.

Salomon XT-6

The Salomon XT-6, a favorite for world-class athletes since its 2013 debut, excels in ultra-distance races over tough terrains, now in new colors and materials. Straight Laces adds to its prowess, ensuring a secure fit that won’t slip off—even if you find yourself sprinting off like Cinderella in the mountains. 

on running shoe laces

Nike Zoom Vomero 5

The Nike Zoom Vomero 5, famed for comfort, pairs perfectly with Straight Laces for a snug, stylish fit. Available in various colors, match Straight Laces to your Vomeros, boosting both your running performance and fashion game.

Each of these popular shoes brings something unique to the table, and by pairing them with Straight Laces, you unlock a new level of customization, convenience, and style. Whether running a marathon, hitting the streets, or stepping out in high fashion, the right laces can make all the difference.

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