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Among all types of footwear, sneakers hold the highest priority. Fashionable, comfortable, and versatile sneakers are essential for any wardrobe nowadays. Sneakers boost your personality and outfit so much that even celebrities are obsessed with them. Initially, designers came up with the sneaker concept to complement your outfit and make physical activities and exercise more comfortable. But sneakers have changed their form, and today we have so many beautiful pairs that complement many different types of outfits. Having said so much about footwear, some of you may not be very clear about what sneakers are. Let’s get into the details of what sneakers are and which outfits they enhance the most. 

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Sneakers are a versatile variation of the ordinary shoe, designed to suit numerous purposes. Unlike regular shoes, sneakers are not restricted to formal wear and complement casual wear as well.

Sneakers are so widely popular among everyone that famous footwear brands are inclined to design all new varieties and sneakers trends. Having mentioned the renowned brands for sneakers, what are the most popular sneaker brands? The list consists of the old primitive brands and the newer evolving ones as well. Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Vans, and Balenciaga are the most sought-after sneaker brands worldwide.

These widely popular brands released some fashion-favorite sneakers in the past few years, which caused a global fashion fever among everyone. Among all the favorite varieties, here is a list of 7 types of sneakers most trending.


Celebs and fashionistas are going gaga over the creatively engineered sneakers from famous sneaker brandsThese brands frequently launch designer collections, making a grand entry to the year’s trending sneaker collection. The renowned footwear brands gave numerous trendsetting sneakers this year too. Let’s have a look at the most popular varieties of sneakers in 2020.

1. Dmx Thrill Shoes
Dmx Thrill Shoes

For the comfort-loving fashionistas, DMX thrill shoes are the best choice. While the attractive orange and ombre palette steal the heart, soft cushiony support gears you up for the long run. These sneakers from Reebok have made room in the hearts of many.

2. OG Old Skool LX
OG Old Skool LX

The OG Old Skool LX sneakers are a must-have in your wardrobe. The blue lace-up sneakers are the most casual yet striking pair in your closet. Budget-friendly and trending, these sneakers from Vans Vault provide a small height platform and works wonders with all casual outfits and looks.

3. Deva 90’s Pop
Deva 90’s Pop

Puma brings you the most different types of sneakers in the form of Deva 90’s Pop. The colorful hues and sparkling glitters bring alive the pop era while looking beautiful with all casual attires.

4. Lace-up Sneakers
Lace-up Sneakers

A sophisticated blend of white and cream makes the Lace-up sneakers the most versatile pair in your wardrobe. These sneakers can pair well with an array of casual wear.

5. Platform Sneakers
Platform Sneakers

As the name suggests, platform sneakers boast a uniform platform that boosts up your height a bit. These sneakers are slightly different from regular sneakers and became widely popular in 2020.

6. Cortez Basic Nike Shoe
Cortez Basic Nike Shoe

Nike brings the most versatile types of sneakers for guysOne fine example of this statement is the Cortez Basic from Nike. These sneakers are a street-styling buzz and the most-wanted wardrobe essential of 2020.

7. Animal Print Sneakers
Animal Print Sneakers

For the people hunting for some not-so-common sneaker options, the animal print sneaker is the one for you. These sneakers are not too loud, yet not so quiet, and they go well with a plethora of casual outfits. Many designer sneaker brands utilize the animal print texture and sprinkle additional creativity to launch unique sneaker pairs.

Apart from the most popular fashion footwear brands, some not-so-popular houses are creating huge footwear buzz worldwide. Some of these brands are performing even better than the larger brands. The small brands are coming up with some remarkable trendsetting footwear collections.

Sneakers are so popular that the brands perform intense experimentation of the footwear to expand these pairs’ versatility. Furthermore, some unique and creative people are putting considerable effort into styling sneakers with formal outfits, which is good news for those who are bored with regular sneakers. Further revolutionary changes in the look of sneakers are much awaited and welcomed.

Next time, before you step out to purchase some sneakers, jot down all that you want from your new pair, and come back to Straight Laces to find the most suitable types of sneakers for yourself. Do not hesitate to experiment with your sneakers. No efforts will turn into a bizarre one as the sneakers are versatile enough to bear the load of all your creativity and experimentation and yet can make you slay the streets like no other footwear.

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