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What Do Doc Marten Lace Colors Mean?

When you search for Doc Martens shoe laces colors meaning, you can find out more about this very special shoe.

It is a very popular brand. And many people around the world wear this shoe because of its comfort.

The laces have different colors that symbolize the meaning of the doc martens shoes.

Did you know that knowing the meaning of Doc Martens shoe laces colors can be a useful thing?

You probably didn’t, but this blog post is here to change that.

What Do Doc Marten Lace Colors Mean?

Doc Martens are known for their lace color. The lace itself is a symbol of pride, as well as a statement about the wearer’s beliefs.

When you think of Doc Martens shoe laces, you probably think of them being a basic part of any pair of Doc Marten shoes.

However, the color meanings behind different Doc Marten shoe laces vary which can make their appearance complex.

Here I’ll explain how they work and show you some examples of what they look like based on the laces model number.

1). White: White Supremacy

White is a color that represents the most basic of human emotions: white supremacy.

The Ku Klux Klan has been known to use white as a symbol of their movement, and white lace was once used by the Klan as an identifying mark for members.

If you see white laces on Doc Marten boots, it means that you believe in non-racism, white supremacy, and Ku Klux Klan affiliation. It also means that you refuse Hitler’s beliefs.

Today, however, many people in the United States associate white with non-racism and non-hate speech. White is often seen as a symbol of peace and hope, or even just plain old cleanliness.

2). Blue: Protest of Police Brutality

In the past, blue Doc Martens were worn by people who murdered police officers and were considered “sharps.”

Blue laces indicate that the wearer has killed a police officer. This was especially used as a way to identify SHARPS, or “sharpies,” which are gang members who use violence to control communities.

As anti-racists began to wear blue Docs in protest of police brutality and racial inequality, they adopted this color as well.

Blue represents solidarity with other oppressed groups; it is also a symbol of peace and justice because it’s the color of the night sky.

3). Red: Neo-Nazi

The red lace of the Doc Marten boot is a symbol of neo-Nazi and National Front groups. The red lace represents their affiliation with the color red and their belief in Adolf Hitler’s ideology. This association has made them the target of scorn and ridicule by many people, especially people who are not affiliated with these groups.

The color red is also associated with violence, which makes sense when you think about it—red is an aggressive color. It’s associated with blood, fire, and rage.

You might also think about it as something that scares people or forces them to submit to authority figures (like Hitler).

Red is supposed to bring out aggression in others, but it’s also supposed to bring out aggression in you! You see the world through a lens of anger and rage; when you look at the world through this lens, everything that happens around you takes on a new meaning because everything seems so much more significant when viewed through this lens.

4). Yellow: Anti-Racist

Yellow is a color that has been used to symbolize a lot of things over the years. It has been used in many cultures as a color for peace and even anti-racism—a lot of people think it’s a color that represents hope!

But did you know that yellow was also used by the Doc Martens brand to represent their commitment to social change? They wanted to use yellow to show that they were standing up against racism and discrimination.

The color yellow was chosen because it was non-threatening and was easier to match with other colors, which would make it easier for people who were discriminated against to wear their shoes.

5). Purple: Gay Pride

Purple is a color that’s been associated with the gay pride movement for many years. In the 1950s and 1960s, it was commonly used on clothing and accessories to show support for the LGBTQ community. That tradition continues today, with purple being worn by people who identify as LGBTQ and allies.

In modern society, purple is still seen as a symbol of gay pride because it’s associated with moodiness and melancholy—two emotions that are often thought of as being associated with homosexuality. Purple also has a strong connection to royalty because of its royal purple hue, which looks like a crown or tiara when viewed from afar.

6). Green: Neutral

The green color on Doc Martens means “neutral,” which is where the name came from.

Green is a color that doesn’t stand for anything in particular; it’s just a color that symbolizes neutrality.

It’s also a color that has been used by many celebrities in their clothing, such as Kate Moss and Lady Gaga.

7). Black: No Affiliation

The black lace color on Doc Martens has a long and storied history. In the past, it was worn by men who were neutral in all things, and who did not have any affiliation with anything or anyone else. They were traditionalists, and they wanted to be left alone. The black lace was their skin—it was their natural state.

In punk culture, black lace has become the skin of the punk kid: a kid that wants nothing more than to be left alone in their world (and maybe put on some Docs). It’s generally not a good idea to get too close to these kids, because they’re likely to take offense at your attempts at friendship (or worse). The black lace shows that you mean no harm; you’re just trying to get by without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.


Although there are plenty of great online resources to find the meaning of Doc Marten lace tips, they tend to either be unorganized or simply list multiple color meanings in no particular order. This post categorizes all known color meanings based on their dominant hues and allows readers to quickly scan through them.

Flat – No Tie Elastic Shoelaces

Light Brown
Royal Blue
Dark Brown
Medium Grey

Round – No Tie Elastic Shoelaces

Dark Red
Navy Blue
Medium Brown
Light Brown

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