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I Tried Different No-Tie Shoelaces & These Are My Favorites for Running

Often when running, you’ll want your shoes tied fairly tightly so that they don’t get caught on things. This can be a safety issue. And sometimes it can also make the shoe feel tight against your foot.

It’s not a good idea to wear super tight shoes. It’s because you’re more likely to get torn ligaments in your ankle and elsewhere if you have an accident while running.

However, if you don’t want to deal with loose laces while wearing running shoes then these 10 best no-tie shoelaces are going to be helpful for people who like a more natural feel while running.

1). Lock Laces® Original

Stop tying your laces every time you need to change them. And join the Lock Laces revolution. These no-tie shoelace fits in all running shoes, ensuring that you will never have to take them off again. These laces are stretchy, simple to use and match a variety of colors. So you can dress any sports shoes in just minutes. Simply put them through the eyeholes on your shoes, pull tight and slingshot yourself out onto the town or trail.

2). Flat No-Tie Laces by StraightLaces

If you have mobility issues or have trouble tying and untying laces, then this product is for you. No-Tie Shoelaces are made of latex fibers and wrapped in a polyester thread. No more tying and untying of laces daily; simply slip the No-Tie Shoelaces in and out of your shoes easily, while they look neat tucked away underneath the tongue. They come with a one-size-fits-all product that is ideal for kids and adults of all ages.

3). Nathan No-Tie Shoelaces

Everyone loves to have their shoelaces tied. However, when you’re in sports, marathons, and triathlons it can be difficult to tie your laces tightly enough that they stay on your shoes. The Nathan No-Tie Shoelace solves this problem by making sure your laces stay tight throughout your entire run. It’s made with a flexible material that stretches to conform to the shape of your shoe while using reflective laces to light up at night. A great gift for anyone who plays sports frequently or competes at marathons!

4). iBungee SpeedLaces

Get the best in comfort, safety, and style with iBungee SpeedLaces. They are made with a conforming elastic material that ensures you are free to move around as fast as your imagination will allow. These laces also feature a race-Lock fastening system–an easy on/off rest that helps maintain tension while providing an ultra-fast release every single time. With less pressure off your foot, they can help ease not only tiredness but also reduce injury risk.

5). Round No-Tie Shoelaces by StraightLaces

Round no-tie shoelaces for running by StraightLaces are made of latex fibers wrapped in a polyester thread and come with the patented Fastening Bracket. These shoelaces provide a simple, one-size fits all solution that allows mobility just with a single fastening. Kids and adults alike can benefit from this unique solution, which is easy to install and comfortable on the feet thanks to the premium materials used.

6). Xpand Shoelaces

Made from a patented lace anchor and unique weaving, these no-tie elastic shoelaces feel great and look even better. Their colors are bright and bold enough to express your personality, go with any outfit, or match every pair of shoes you own. From cross-training to running, these colorful laces will get you there fast and never lose their shape.

7). Sport2People No-Tie Laces

Make your running experience more comfortable with Sport2People’s no-tie laces. From the look to the performance, these laces are perfect for every runner. Made out of high-quality, premium materials and designed to last more than your lifetime, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting what you paid for. And with over 8 color options, we know there will be one or several perfect pair(s) of laces that work for you – even if it’s not black or gray.

8). Lemon Hero Laces

Our no-tie running shoelaces make it easy to clip in, whether you’re wearing shoes or casual sandals. They’re latex-free, odorless, and feel soft against the skin. Each pair comes with a patented lace anchor that allows for easy on and off – no tools needed. The patented lace anchor ensures these shoelaces stay tied or untied – so you can always run free, no matter how hard on your feet you are.

9). HICKIES Shoelaces

The HICKIES offers the look and gear you need for your running or gym routine: no-tie, functional laces with a customizable fit. This innovative locking elasticity lets you run or exercise consistently. These one-size fits all lock laces are made of elastic memory material and offer ultimate comfort for men and women.

10). Airror Laces

Designed for runners, these high-performance Airror laces are the fastest way to put on or take off tight shoes. They’re easy to adjust and lock in place as soon as they’re tightened, so you can speed up your transitions and get back out into the world faster. These laces are also great for biking, hiking, running, work-outs, and more. They provide flexibility for different kinds of shoes, superior arch support, great durability, and an added elastic memory.

Importance of No-Tie Laces

No-tie shoelaces are a great way to make your shoes more comfortable and stylish. In addition to being more comfortable, no-tie laces also allow you to make your shoes more secure by eliminating the risk of tying them too tightly. If you tie your laces too tightly, they can cut off circulation in your foot, resulting in blisters or other injuries.

To sum up, no-tie shoelaces are a great way to protect your shoes and avoid the hassle of tying up your laces all day long. No more unsightly knots in your shoes, no more tying them every few steps, no more having to take off your shoes every time you want to go out!

Bottom Line

You may have stumbled upon no-tie shoelaces before and wondered if they work or if they’re just a gimmick. After testing and researching various models, we can confirm that they’re not a gimmick at all. They work as well as regular laces, but with the obvious benefit of being easier and quicker to put on and take off. If you want to run more, tie and untie your shoes less often, and look like Usain Bolt in the process (well, maybe not quite as good), give these no-tie shoelaces for runners a try!

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