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Though sneakers are extremely in-fashion, there aren’t that many style variations in the market to choose from these days. It would be best if you were bored with the traditional sneaker designs, then finding something different would be best.

Am I right? Then, why not customize your pair of sneakers? Customizing your sneakers not only reveals your creative side but also makes a perfect match for your outfit. Just imagine having customized shoes that are not in the market and how you will stand out from the rest.  In addition to this, it will make you unique and admired by your friends and family.

Are you wondering how to customize shoes? Let’s find numerous ways to create some fantastic pair of shoes. Below you will find some unique DIY ideas for transforming your boring shoes into creative and fun ones.



You must be wondering how to customize shoes with fabric laces? Well, the most straightforward answer is the play of custom shoelaces. You can replace the regular laces with a pair of funky ones and insert them differently into your shoes. Some striking color combinations, such as a pair of black shoes, paired with neon orange laces, are perfect for providing an extra edge to your shoes.

You can use different lace insertion techniques and try out any of the below-mentioned styles:

  • Bar Lacing

Unlike the regular crisscrossing of laces, they are inserted straight like the bars and taken to the top. In bar lacing, you insert the laces through the last hole and put it directly into the opposite parallel hole. Likewise, following the straightforward manner, you reach the spot above and cross to the opposite side. So, by maintaining the bar-like appearance, you insert the laces through all the shoe holes.

  • Zipper Lacing

Zipper lacing is a mix of regular crisscross lacing and bar lacing. In this method, you can insert the lace through one of the bottom holes and straightway, reaching out to the other side. Next, insert the lace into the opposite-side hole, lying directly above the initial ones. Now, repeat the process until you get to the top of the shoe. 

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  • No-tie Lacing

Yes, you heard it right! No-tie lacing is the most in-fashion thing to do. You can opt for any laces with anchors to insert the free end of the laces and trim them to the appropriate length. The no-tie lacing works well both for adults and kids. Apart from being a style statement, you can also omit the mess created by the frequent un-tying of laces.


Another quirky and straightforward way to redefine your boring shoes is to illustrate them. School-going stationery is all that you need for this step. You can customize your shoes with various illustrations using paint pens, ordinary pens, or a sharpie.

Are you worried about scribbling the shoes in an attempt at customization? Don’t worry, nowadays, scribble art is trending. Many stylists and personalizing experts utilize scribble art to create unique and creative shoe customizations for celebrities even. So, get out your stationery and alter your shoes by drawing creative illustrations all over.


Painting or dyeing shoes is the most common way of customization. Though a bit difficult, this method gives you even more freedom to showcase your creativity, provided you have the correct supplies.


  • Painting- How to paint shoes?

Before any thoughts of painting your shoes, you must think about- what kind of paint to use on the shoes. Therefore, thorough research is required to find out the most suitable paint type for your shoes’ fabric. Once you find the appropriate paint type, you can begin painting shoes with your imagination and creativity and bring out unique customizations.

  • Dyeing- How to dye shoes?

These days, dyeing is not very common among the styles. Hence, utilizing this art can provide your shoes with uniqueness and a plethora of creativity. So, get access to the right dye for your shoes and dive in to create your regular footwear’s best version.

  • Spray-painting- How to spray-paint shoes?

Spray-paint customization is a popular method of revamping shoes. By changing the nozzle of your airbrush, you can create significant customizations for your shoes. 


Firstly, never use any customization material that will harm the shoe fabric. Special precautions must be taken when working with leather shoes. Also, refrain from beginning to customize without proper cleaning of the surfaces of the shoes. For the best fulfillment of the painting, spray-painting, or dyeing methods, clean the shoe surface well before even beginning to customize.

After taking care of all the precautions, you are free to design. Never fear showcasing your creativity on your shoes. Once you have your shoe customizing kit, you are all set to gather your ideas. Portray them over your shoes, create the best version of your customization, and stand out in the sneaker-wearing crowd.

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