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How to Prevent Heel Slippage in Shoes?

Frequent heel slipping is highly common. All of us have experienced such slippage at least once in our lifetime. Even your favorite shoes lose their worth once your heel starts slipping within the footwear while walking. Any effort inclusive of re-tying the laces does not do any good in preventing the uncomfortable scenario. So, is it time to throw away your favorite pairs?

No! There are still ample chances for adjusting your footwear like normal. You have hit the right place if you wish to cover-up the heel slipping phenomenon in your shoes. From what is heel slipping to the methods to prevent it, this article comprises all you should know.

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New shoes bring new problems at times. The perfectly-working footwear turns into inconvenience within no time. All you have is the feet popping out from your shoes while talking, walking, running, whatever. Heel slipping is when the heels slip inside the footwear to the extent of the footwear coming off from the back, repeatedly. These situations are more likely with a new pair, leaving your mind distracted with the thoughts of ‘how uncomfortable I’m!’.

Heel slippage happens with many of us. But what is the reason behind such a regular event? Why do the heels tend to slip off within the footwear? Let’s dig deep to find the answers.


Diagnosing the underlying causes assists in finding fool-proof solutions even. So, what causes heel slippage in shoes? Well, multiple reasons lead to frequent in-shoe heel slipping. Let’s get familiar with each of the reasons one by one.

1. Bigger Shoes

People often make the mistake of going with sized-up footwear. Either they make such faulty purchases unknowingly or prefer the bagginess of longer pairs. Whatever may be the reason behind bringing-in such shoes, the slipping event strikes you right after wearing the footwear. The right-fitting shoes snuggle your foot comfortably, leaving no space for your heels to play. However, the spacious insides of larger-than-required footwear allow the heels to come off between activities.

2. Low and High Feet Arch

The design of some shoes does not support all foot types. The slipping problem gets pronounced for people with lower feet arch. The footwear with an arch shape will not snuggle over your foot, compelling the heels to pop out anytime. Apart from slipping, such shoe wearers suffer from excessive hind pain as well.

Heel slipping does not spare the persons with high-arched feet. The regular arched shoes are not comfortable for people with a higher than standard foot arch. Again, uncomfortable insides compel your heel to slip off often.

3. Slippery Insides

Sometimes the inside surface of the shoes is too slippery for a steady grip. When you engage in daily activities, your sweaty feet find it impossible to grip over the slippery shoe surface. The lesser friction between your foot and shoes causes your heels to come off the shoes now and then.

4. Improper Wearing and Lacing

It’s not the fault of your shoes always. The way you wear the pairs and lace them influence the possibility of heel slippage in shoes. The heels slip off more when you bend the heels before inserting your foot inside the footwear. Also, an unsuitable lacing technique creates enough space for your heels to spring outside from the shoes.

5. Low-Quality Footwear

When buying non-standard footwear, you always risk heel slippage and other unwanted events. The low-quality footwear manufacturers do not scale up their products according to the established standards. Hence, such shoes have the highest chances of promoting heel slippage and pushing you into an inconvenient situation.

You can relate with some of the heel slippage causes mentioned above. Now the question is how to get rid of such an uncomfortable scenario! So, without any delay, let’s discuss preventing heel slippage in shoes.


Heel slippage does not imply retiring the existing footwear and moving on with a new pair. Whether you are about to buy new shoes or fed up with your footwear, there are ways to prevent heel slipping for everyone. Breathe in, and follow the below practices for avoiding heel slipping phenomena in your shoes.

1. Right Fitting Shoes

Ideal footwear is the one that fits you just right. Any deviation from the perfect fit creates unnecessary problems like heel slipping. Before buying a new pair, ensure that you know your size and the shoe standards. Heel slippage will never occur as long as your footwear snuggles on your foot perfectly.

2. High-Quality Laces and Suitable Lacing

Laces might seem an unnecessary expenditure to many of you. But do you know that high-quality laces keep common footwear problems at bay? Investing in standard laces will tighten your shoes as required, preventing heel slippage at all costs.

3. Anti-Slipping Socks

If your shoes have slippery insides, it’s better to wear anti-slipping socks along with them. The socks will create enough friction between your foot and the shoe-insides for a better and steady grip.

4. Lace Properly

There are multiple lacing techniques suitable for different persons. Sometimes trying out a different lacing style prevents heel slippage in your shoes. So, either experiment with various lacing styles or adapt the slippage-proof one for eradicating the slipping problem.

5. High-Quality Footwear

Don’t compromise on the quality of footwear anytime. The premium brands design their products according to the standard norms to avoid all possible problems. With high-quality shoes, you are less likely to encounter heel slippage events.

The above measures are enough for bidding goodbye to the problem of heel slippage in shoes. Apart from these precautions, you can also avoid bending your heels while wearing shoes. Your favorite shoes will get closer to your heart yet again by omitting heel slipping.

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