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How to Tie Dress Shoes Correctly

Shoes are the mirror for a gentleman. The way you present your dress shoes speak a lot about your character and chivalry. Even the subtle elements of the shoes, like the laces, play a significant role in determining your vibes. Men tend to bring in the most expensive pair of dress shoes but ignore its lacing. The result is that either the laces do not go well with the dress or keep untying frequently. So, all men must ask themselves if they are tying the dress shoes correctly or not. Below you will find all the ways of lacing the dress shoes correctly and re-defining your persona like a pro.

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How to Tie Dress Shoes Correctly

So, how to lace dress shoes correctly? Dress shoes are typical and do not support all types of lacing. Some lacing techniques are best for enhancing the look of the dress shoes. Also, these lacing techniques keep the knot in place for a long. Abreast you with the most appropriate lacing techniques for the dress shoes listed below. 

1. Granny Knot

The Granny knot is the primitive technique of tying dress shoelaces with a sleek twist. You will find the Granny knot easy with enough hold to keep your laces in place for long. Moreover, the appearance of Granny-knotted dress shoes is so sleek, sober, and fashionable that you will fall in love with the final outfit. 

The enhanced version of the Granny knot provides a polished flat-knotted look. Also, since the loops tend to lie almost parallel to each other, it adds to the beauty of dress shoe lacing. 

The Granny Knot differs from the usual knotting in terms of providing a well-groomed and refined look. For tying a Granny knot correctly, all you need is to make the first knot over the left lace-end as earlier. Looping over the right lace-end follows the first step. Here comes the difference. Twist the left shoelace towards yourself, and then cross it over through the aperture. 

The inconspicuous improvement to the usual knotting technique creates a significant difference in your overall dress shoes appearance. The symmetrical knotting and bar lacing further creates the desirable dress shoe look.

2. Surgeon’s Knot

Although the stylist community defames the Surgeon’s Knot for being a bit difficult, the knot’s look with the dress shoes remains incomparable with any other knotting technique. Dress shoes get a new life with the Surgeon’s Knot. But it requires extensive practice if you want to excel in the art of tying a Surgeon’s Knot. So, practice the knotting style as much as possible before playing your final cards with the Surgeon’s Knot. Are you wondering about how to tie a Surgeon’s knot? Here you go with the steps of knotting your dress shoelace with the supreme lacing technique.

  • Knot both the ends of the shoelace by twisting them.
  • Make a loop of the right shoelace.
  • Pull the left lace-end towards yourself.
  • Loop the left lace-end by wrapping it over the right loop.
  • Now, you make the second loop. Grab the lower part of the right lace loop, pull below the left shoelace loop, and make the second loop.
  • Grab the newly-formed loop and cross it through the aperture yet again.
  • Tighten both the loops together.
  • The Surgeon’s Knot is complete. And you are all set to go!
3. Berluti Knot

Berluti Knot falls as the sleekest lacing technique of all. The Berluti Knot is a refined, clean, and professional-looking knotting style that will leave all your admirers in awe. Dress shoes carry Berluti Knot much better than any other lacing style. So, revamp the look of your dress shoes by excelling at tying Berluti Knot every time. Give enough practice to your hands for getting an idea of the famous Berluti Knot. Below are the steps to follow for tying a flawless Berluti Knot to your dress shoes. 

  • Begin with knotting the left and right lace-ends together.
  • Make two loops with the left and right shoelace, and cross them over at the opposite side.
  • The opposite side means that the left loop will come on the right side, and the right one will go over to the left side. Also, at this moment, you are holding the laces in the middle with your thumb and index finger.
  • Now, hold the left lace end and the right lace loop, lying on the left side, and cross these through the aperture.
  • Do the same with the left lace loop as well. Hold the right lace end and the left lace loop, and pull down through the aperture.
  • Lastly, knot both the loops together, and leave the ends freely.
  • Woohoo! Your Berluti Knot is all set to slay your dress shoe look.

The least cared shoelaces have a significant contribution in refining your dress shoe appearance. You might think that most people won’t recognize the difference between correctly knotted shoes and incorrectly laced shoes. However, the keen observers will notice the minor changes and appreciate your subtle lacing aspects. So, without delaying further, get your dress shoes and matching shoelaces online and dive into mastering the art of lacing the dress shoes like a pro.

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