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How to Use Sneaker Balls?

Regardless of the brand, price, and popularity of the sneakers, they tend to smell awfully after some use. Whenever you carry the pair for long, your feet sweat, and the moisture remains trapped inside the shoes leaving an unpleasing stink. The smell bothers you so much that you try to distance yourself from the shoes as much as you can. Each time you try hard to keep the foul odor away from your sneakers, it disappointingly comes back.

If you can relate to all of these, then you are in the right place. Here you will get to know all about sneaker balls. Well, sneaker balls are the best solution to your problem of stinky sneakers. Want to know how? Follow along with the article to dig deep about sneaker deodorizer balls.

How Do Sneaker Balls work?

Sweaty shoes give off an obnoxious smell. Sometimes the smell gets so strong that you get second thoughts on wearing the used pair once again. Since sneaker balls came into being, they resolved the problem of smelly shoes almost entirely. But how do sneaker balls work?

Get it clear that the sneaker balls do not remove sweat from the shoes. They work upon the foul smell and release freshness into the used sneakers. Much like a room freshener, the sneaker balls absorb all the unpleasant odors from your shoes and release freshness.

Mostly, the sneaker balls contain absorbing chemicals like charcoal, baking soda, or cyclodextrin. All you need is to twist the balls gently and put them in your shoes, and they act to absorb all the odor from your sneakers. Some of the deodorizing balls release pleasant smells that suppress the foul smell in the sneakers considerably.

Sneaker Balls How to Use?

The foul odor becomes prevalent when the sneakers are at rest after usage. If you keep the pair of shoes in the open air, you will encounter less odor in your shoes. But upon leaving the sneakers in a closed wardrobe makes them more smelly and inconvenient for the next usage. Unfortunately, most sneaker wearers keep their shoes inside a congested environment.

After walking, running, sweating, and wearing for a day-long, you cannot expect your sneakers to give off a flowery smell. So, external assistance is essential to keep the sneakers fresh and wearable for the next time.

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Using sneaker balls is the most convenient method of deodorizing your shoes. Multiple brands sell high-quality sneaker balls that come in a variety of smells and fragrances in the market. Depending upon your preference, you can select a scent and bring in a single piece or a pack of more than one sneaker balls for your shoes. If you seem confused with a plethora of fragrances, get access to anyone as all of them are fresh enough to deodorize your shoes.

Now that you have the sneaker balls with you, it’s time to use them. Twist open the balls to make them functional. Whenever you get back home and remove your shoes, do not forget to twist a sneaker ball and place it inside your footwear overnight. The deodorizing balls are so powerful that the smell in your shoes will vanish quickly, making your shoe wearable right the next day. Also, always remember to remove the balls out of your shoes before wearing them.

How Long Do Sneaker Balls Last?

Sneaker balls are getting widely popular among sneaker lovers. If you love sneakers, but the awful smell keeps you away from wearing them, then it’s high time to adapt sneaker balls. The sneaker balls come in a variety of sizes, scents, and formulas. But an affordable price remains constant among all the sneaker balls of different brands. So, you won’t be looking at your pockets before buying new sneaker balls for your shoes.

Although the deodorant balls are affordable and readily available, you would not require to buy new balls frequently. Most of the best quality sneaker balls come with a long life. Even if you are using the balls often in your sneakers, you will find that they work fine for at least six months.

Moreover, if you belong to the class of responsible deodorant users, things get even merrier for you! You can increase the life expectancy of the sneaker balls by using them carefully. Refrain from keeping the balls twist-opened when they are not in use. Always keep twisting the ball back for closing the action between each usage. This method can enhance the life of the sneaker balls.


You need no more shy away from removing your shoes in the middle of a houseful room. Gone are the days when you used to get reluctant to wear your sweaty sneakers just after a single-use. The refreshing sneaker balls have got you covered. With the small yet smart shoe hack with you, smelly shoes are no more a reality.

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