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Lace Length For Shoes: What’s The Right Size For Your Shoes?

Lace length sizing guide

When I think of shoelaces, I always imagine trying to pull the too-small kind over my shoes or the too-large kind through the handle holes and fighting them all the way.

You’ve probably done the same thing when you’ve needed to put new laces in a pair of shoes. Right?

This is why I’ve put together this shoelace length guide for all types of shoes and boots.

About The Shoe Lace

The shoelace is a piece of string or thread used to tie shoes. It can be made of different materials including leather, cotton, nylon, and twine.

A shoe lace’s purpose is to keep the shoe on your foot. Without it, you would not be able to walk because your shoes would fall off every time you took a step. Without it, your shoes will easily come off when you are playing sports or running.

When you pull on your shoes, you are actually pulling on the laces. This action causes the eyelets to open up so your foot can fit into them. You can adjust the tightness by simply pulling on the laces tighter or looser until the fit feels right for you.

The shoelace usage varies depending on what type of shoe you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing sneakers, then the shoelaces will be tied around your ankle area. If you’re wearing boots, then they will be tied around your calf area. When it comes to high heels, they will be tied above where the heel meets the rest of the shoe (the ankle area).

The Importance of Optimal Lace Length For Shoes

The importance of optimal lace length for different types of shoes cannot be overstated. The lacing system is what keeps your foot snug and secure in the shoe. So it’s essential to have the right amount of lace to achieve this.

While many people may think that all shoes require the same amount of lace, this is not true!

Different types of shoes require varying amounts of lace length. And it’s important to know what these lengths are for each type. Otherwise, you could end up with a shoe that doesn’t fit properly or even worse, an injury.

If your laces are too long, it can cause discomfort, and if they’re too short, it can lead to problems with the fit.

How To Pick The Right Size Lace Length For Your Shoes

Picking the right length of lace for your shoes is a lot easier than you might think. Here are a few methods to get you started:

Method #1: Remove and Measure

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the old laces. This will give you a good idea of how long or short the current ones are, so it’s helpful if you have tall shoes or dress shoes with long laces.

Next, take a measuring tape and measure from tip to top. Then add or subtract inches based on what feels best for your feet—this will make sure that there isn’t too much give in your shoes when they’re on (which can cause blisters).

Method #2: Choose a Shoelace Length Based on the Number of Eyelet Pairs on the Shoe

As you may have guessed, the number of eyelet pairs on a shoe is directly proportional to the length of shoelaces that you should use. The more eyelet pairs there are, the longer your shoelaces will be. This will help ensure that your shoes fit well and stay tied at all times!

We’ve provided a size chart below so you can easily find out how many eyelet pairs are on your shoes and what size lace length to choose from.

Eyelet PairsShoe Lace Length
2-324-31 inches
3-431-35 inches
4-535-39 inches
5-639-46 inches
6-746-55 inches
7-855-63 inches
8-963-71 inches

Method #3: Pick Laces by the Type of Shoe Brand

If you’re having trouble figuring out which size of lace to buy, try looking at the type of shoe brand or model you want to put them on. This can help you figure out what length you need before you even get to the store.

For example, if you’re buying laces for a pair of sneakers or running shoes, they’ll usually be shorter than regular laces. If you’re buying laces for boots or high-top sneakers, they’ll be longer than regular laces.

Shoe ModelLace Length
Yeezy 350 v248-inches
Yeezy 70048-inches
Air Force One54-inches
Nike Presto60-inches
Jordan 172-inches
Ultra Boost42-inches
Vans Old Skool48-inches
Vans Era36-inches
Air Max48-inches
New Balance 99048-inches

Important Tips to Consider

Choosing the right lace length for your shoes can be tricky, especially if you have wide or narrow eyelets. Follow these tips to get it right.


If you have wide eyelets, choose a longer lace length. This will ensure that your laces don’t slip out of the eyelets when you tie them. If you have narrow eyelets, choose a shorter lace length so that they don’t stick out too far above the top of your shoe (which could make it difficult to walk).

Lace Lengths

If you want to wear your shoes with pants or leggings, consider using a longer lace length so that they don’t show under the hemline of your pants. For shorter skirts or dresses, use shorter laces so they aren’t visible at all.

  • Measure your foot from heel to toe and add about half an inch to get a good estimate of how long your laces should be.
  • If you’re buying shoes online and don’t have time to order more than one pair, ask if they offer local returns so you can try them on in person before making a decision.
  • Go with a longer shoe lace size if your feet swell during the day or if you’re going to be wearing thick socks with them.


There is no one right answer to the right size lace length for shoes. The ideal lengths will ultimately depend on your purpose and preference. But we hope that this has helped you answer the question of how to pick the right lace length for shoes, as well as a little bit about the customization of laces on shoes. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to comment in the section below.

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