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What do you do to make your feet look better than others? You find variations in footwear, scroll through the hottest shoe trends, and carry some unique footwear pairs. Everyone tends to go gaga behind breaking the footwear monotony with another footwear itself. But did you ever consider formulating an all-new look with distinct shoelaces?

Shoelaces are boring, with a narrow option base for portraying your footwear creativity. However, if you set your mind to using some quirky materials as a replacement to shoelaces, or even no-tie lacing, creative avenues open up for you. Let’s find out more about the replacement for shoelaces and no tie shoe lacing.


You get diverse colour, fabric, and design options with the shoelace replacements. Some best replacements are:

1. No-Tie Laces

Do you want to move over regular shoelaces and tie them up? Then the no-tie laces are your type. Get a handsome footwear look, and remove the necessities of tying up the knots frequently with the no-tie shoelaces.

2. Parachute Cord

Parachute cords are available in any store easily. You can make use of the broad color palette and bring out great footwear looks.

3. Twines

The twines give you a vintage look that no other lace materials can ever provide. Paired with some tiny charms, using yarns as laces revamp your ordinary footwear magically. 


Lacing the shoes without the knot getting visible from the outside is a fashion statement nowadays. Shoelaces without tying give you a sleek and professional overall look. The no-tie shoelaces are the best for achieving a fashionable look and give you the freedom of styling your shoes without tying up a knot. Apart from the no-tie laces, there are some other ways of lacing up your shoes without a tie.

1. Hidden knot bar lacing

You can lace up your shoes and tie a knot as well, with the only difference being that the knot will remain hidden inside your shoes. Here are the step-by-step instructions for tying hidden knots.

Step 1: Put the laces inside the eyelets that are closest to your toe. Straight pull them for tightening.

Step 2: Pull the right end outside from the next eyelet on the right, and pull down through the left eyelet.

Step 3: Repeat the above step with the left shoelace end as well. You will keep forming lace bars as you proceed.

Step 4: Keep on doing the same lacing, and form shoelace bars till you reach the last eyelets.

Step 5: Tie a usual knot inside your shoes, underneath the tongue, as you would do on the outsides. Secure and hide the knot well so that it does not appear out.

2. Hidden knot criss-cross lacing

The hidden knot trick works wonders with crisscross lacing as well.

Step 1: Put one end of the lace through the eyelet that is closest to your toes. Then pull out the same end through the opposite one. The laces would be running straight across the first eyelet pair at this point.

Step 2: Take the left lace-end and put it inside through the next right eyelet. Then, take the right end and pull inside through the next left eyelet, crisscrossing the left end.

Step 3: Without disturbing the crisscross, pull the lace ends out through the next eyelet pair.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 till you reach the last eyelet pair.

Step 5: Tie a hidden knot inside the shoe, underneath the tongue to complete the lacing.


Tying, untying, and retying – the never-ending loop for the lacing shoes. Whether the knots are outside or on the insides, tying the laces is getting rapidly out of fashion. To come out of the mundane routine, why not omit the tying part forever?

Using the modern no tie shoelaces, you can come out of the lace tying responsibilities. These laces do not untie out and drag on the roads to get dirty. So, you have a complete option to tackle all the lacing problems at once with the no-tie laces.


Are there some no tying hacks for the ordinary lace lovers? Yes, of course! You can transform the regular shoelaces into no tie variation using anchors. The anchors secure the ends of your shoelaces without requiring them to be tied.

You can even replace shoelaces with elastic laces. The elastic laces ensure that the laces are secured well and remain untied as well. The neat and sleek look and the multiple color options of the elastic laces are making the world crazy.  

Similar to the elastic laces, toggle shoelaces are another tying-proof addition to your collection. These are the most convenient hacks for transforming your ordinary lace-up shoelaces into slip-on in absolutely no time.

Best no tie shoelaces

With the evolution of the best no-tie shoelaces, the market is overwhelmingly flooding with no tie-lacing options. Among all of them, choosing the right no-tie laces is a bit difficult. However, with the right information at hand, you will be able to make the correct decision and pick out the best no-tie laces for yourself.

1. Secure Lock

There is no use of no-tie laces if the lock is not secure enough to prevent the laces from coming out. 

2. Quick Installation

The no-tie laces must be easily installed able. Be it elastic laces, toggle laces, or any no-tie laces, lacing up must not consume a lot of time. If it does, then you would probably need to go for another pair of no-tie laces that ensure quick installation. 

3. Durable

Good quality, no-tie laces are highly durable. They will remain by your side for much longer than the cheap no-tie laces. 

Shoelaces are becoming obsolete. With thousands of no tie options like the elastic shoelaces, people are leapfrogging towards the era of no ties, comfortable, and highly professional lacing looks, which are hard to achieve with ordinary shoelaces.

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